August 15, 2020

Welcome to Larabelles!

We are excited to have you here

The past few weeks have been amazing! Larabelles received a wonderful outpour of love and support, help and sponsorship offers, as well as words of encouragement.

Thank you, all! ❤️

Larabelles will launch in a few months (the exact date is yet to be decided), but I will keep you updated with what is going on behind the scenes of building an online community on my blog, Zuzana K.

However, the Larabelles community is already quite active on Twitter, and we have our first few giveaways going!

The amazing Steve McDougall posted on his Twitter account that to promote our community, he would like to gift a free JetBrains licence to a member of Larabelles (that's you)! JetBrains is the company that creates intelligent development tools including PHPStorm IDE, a popular premium IDE widely used in the Laravel community.

Steve's tweet about Larabelles giveaway

Steve has since decided to extend the deadline, and he will pick a random winner on Wednesday the 19th of August at 13.00 GMT.

As if this wasn't enough, Steve's initiative inspired other people to give away JetBrains IDE licence, check out the tweet by Haz!

That's all for today! Be well, stay safe, and let's keep in touch!

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