November 18, 2020

This month's newsletter is short and sweet.

I have been working on registrating Larabelles as a Community Interest Company (CIC). You can read more about my decision process on my blog, where I go into more detail as to why I chose CIC.

I have also created Larabelles LinkedIn page! Come and follow us there!

LinkedIn is a good place to keep up with what is happening within the Women In Tech space. Just the other day I found out about the SheLovesTech competition and conference. SheLovesTech is a global movement that commits to empowering women entrepreneurs and technologies that change the lives of all. The 2020 competition is now over, but you can still catch the conference, which is happening November 21-22, 2020!

I will keep up with their upcoming events it would be great to have a Larabelle join this or similar competition in the future! 🤞

Larabelles Feature Wall - Laly & Ana

If you'd like to be featured as a Larabelle in Larabelles newsletter and on the website, please get in touch!

This month I'd like to introduce Laly and Ana!

Laly S.

Laly's photo

My name is Laly. I have been using Laravel since I have started working at my first developer job two months ago. I am fairly new to it and have plenty to learn.

It is challenging and I am learning every day, which is one of the main reason why programming picked my interest!

I don't come from an IT background and have discovered this world a bit by chance. I got into a short online course where I had to build HTML and CSS pages and I really enjoyed building these.

I decided to go further by following a 7months coding bootcamp where I learnt the basics of programming and my interest grew.

I discovered with time that I enjoyed more the back-end part of programming.

I got into an internship and have now got a job as a web developer where I am developing mainly with VueJS and Laravel.

It has been challenging, and I have been doubting myself but I believe that if you really want to get into this field, it is possible with patience and work!

I would enjoy meeting people who are passionate about programming, and why not building something with Laravel as an opensource project :)

Nice to meet you!

Ana Lisboa

Ana's photo

Hi! I'm Ana Lisboa, a web developer from northern Portugal. I live in a great town called Braga, have you heard about it?

My background is information systems and I've been working for the web for 5 years now. I started developing with Laravel straight away and it was love at first sight!

I've started my work life with building internal management tools, then moved to a marketing agency and now I'm building custom e-commerce applications, while also taking some client projects.

On my free time, I just love to keep my Laravel game up to date while learning Livewire and I am curious about website design and strategy. Creativity and curiosity are just somethings that have always been with me from making jewellery to sewing and dabbing in design.

If you'd like to be a Larabelles mentor/buddy or you are a Larabelle looking for a mentor or someone to talk to, please get in touch!

💚 If you want to support me while I'm building Larabelles, you can buy me a decaf coffee 💚

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