October 20, 2020

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How are you all?

Larabelles have been really busy lately! We have two giveaways currently running, we are starting Larabelles Feature Wall, we are rebuilding Larabelles website using Statamic, and we are working on a mentorship/buddies directory for Larabelles! ✨ Exciting Times ✨

Larabelles Feature Wall - Amélie & Sara

As a result of running the Twitter poll last month, I decided to build a feature wall for Larabelles, a place to promote women Laravel developers, their projects and skills. This will currently take place in the newsletter, but as soon as the new Larabelles website is up, every Larabelle will be featured there as well.

This directory will help promote individual Larabelles and make it easier for companies to reach out if they are looking for a Laravel developer or a conference, podcast or a meetup speaker. It will also be a place for everyone to get to know more women Laravel developers!

If you'd like to be featured as a Larabelle in Larabelles newsletter and on the website, please get in touch!

Let me introduce Amélie and Sara:

Amélie Van Waerbeke

Amelie's photo

I am Amélie, a French web developer.

I started coding during College and never stopped since. I am currently working in Advertising, but it was very important for me to continue developing my technical skills. With a few friends, we founded the association Les Internettes (to support & promote female internet video content creators) back in 2016. Sole developer, I built with Laravel a complete female french-speaker YouTuber repository, as well as a membership dashboard. I also assumed roles as Treasurer or President through the years, all of this on top of my job.

Amélie's photo was taken by the talented She.

Sara Bine

Sara's photo

I'm a Lead Developer at Tighten and have been making web & mobile apps for over 10 years. While Laravel apps are my speciality, I enjoy full-stack development anywhere from Tailwind/Vue/React to DevOps. I also edit and occasionally write for the Tighten blog. Outside of work I tinker in scripting & automation, infosec & privacy, Android modding, and game development, and spend time with my adorable beagle mix Sudo.

Larabelles in the news

Zuzana has been interviewed by PHPArch magazine about founding Larabelles. You can check out the article in PHP Architect October 2020 issue.


We are extremely happy to have two new giveaways this month!

Steve's tweet about Laravel Idea giveaway

Spatie's giveaway

Steve's deadline is Sunday the 25th of October 2020 and Spatie's deadline is next Tuesday, the 27th October 2020, so don't forget to enter!

Thank you, Steve and Spatie, we really appreciate it!

If you'd like to be a Larabelles mentor/buddy or you are a Larabelle looking for a mentor or someone to talk to, please get in touch!

💚 If you want to support me while I'm building Larabelles, you can buy me a decaf coffee 💚

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